Looking to develop your land?

Are you an owner of a land? Do you not want to go through the hassle of planning and development? S Gerada Bros can take care of this in the most professional way possible. Our combination to create these high level buildings is a mix of giving attention to detail that we acquire, using high quality materials and outstanding technological installations. With your help of providing us with a part of your land we can help develop the perfect property for you!


Interested in renting a place?

We aim to provide you with the best property that is suited for you. From fully furnished apartments to outstanding villas with large outdoor spaces. Our key element is to provide you with comfort, amenities and prime locations for your rental space.


A new home, where your story begins.

Buying a place for the first time can be a tricky one. S Gerada Bros have got you covered! We aim to provide you with the best houses, apartments and penthouses for sale. From fully furnished apartments to large terraces with a pool/outdoor area. Find the right home for you!


A variety of properties to explore.

We are able to provide you with a range of different properties tailored to your specific needs. S Gerada Bros are here for you! We offer a variety of office & car spaces for you to choose from, including prime locations and large open spaces. Have a look!

1. Development

Looking to develop your land? Partner with us!

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4. Commercial

Explore our commercial properties for different needs

Who we are

We are S Gerada Bros!

We focus upon delivering quality projects by executing these on budget and on time, whilst adhering to all Health & Safety standards. Our experiences enable us to build upon every opportunity that arises in the general property market and the current vibrancy of property development in both the Sales & Lettings segments.

Our services

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We can develop for you! S Gerada Bros have the ability to build specifically for you.

Selling Properties

Selling properties - Check out all the properties that are up for grabs!

Letting Properties

Letting properties - rental agreements are all in place.


Our commercial property range from office spaces, garages, retail and warehouses in the best locations on the island.

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